Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Word Balloon Podcast Greg Pak onThe Death Of The Hulk, KingsWay West , and Snake Plisken Meets Jack Burton

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Great chat with Greg about his new Dark Horse Comics western Kingsway West, which leads to a talk in general about the appeal of writing The Western.

We also discuss The Totally awesome Hulk, and the Death of Bruce Banner at the hands of Hawkeye in Marvels current event, Civil War 2.

Plus Greg is writing a fun crossover at BOOM! featuring Jack Burton of Big Trouble In Little China fame teaming up with Snake Plisken from Escape From New York. It's a battle of the Russells

Monday, August 22, 2016

1999 Boxing Talk

Back in the 90's I was a regular contributor to The Chicago Tribune's 24 news channel. Their sports show was called Sports Page, and it was a call in show. Whenever Boxing was in the news, they'd call me

Here's an episode where I was on for most of the hour. This was early 1999, when Tyson had assaulted 2 men breaking his probation, and was about to serve a 9 month prison sentence.

We talk about Roy Jones, Oscar De La Hoya, and even do a phone interview with former 130lb champion Angel Manfredy who had just lost to Floyd Mayweather in a  December 1998 unification match. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Word Balloon Podcast Comic Book Movie Summer Review With Film Critic Matt Singer

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Matt Singer critic and Editor of Screencrush,com joins us to review the current film season. What is Warner Bros doing? What's in the future for Fox & Marvel?

Matt is also the creator and co-host of the Podcast Filmspotting SVU, Streaming Video Unit, and we discuss the ever expanding video streaming world.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Word Balloon Podcast Star Trek Discovery News With Filmmaker Robert Meyer Burnett

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Yesterday, Bryan Fuller the show runner for Star Trek Discovery released a lot of story and character information at the TCA press tour in Beverly Hills.  Good timing, because I had already scheduled a new talk with Filmmaker Podcaster and Trekspert Robert Meyer Burnett . Rob made the wonderful 1999 indie film Free Enterprise with Eric McCormack & William Shatner, edited the Star Trek Prelude To Axanar Fan Film and was to direct the crowd funded feature film Axanar, until CBS and Paramount sued the Axanar producers cause a cease and desist shutdown to the film.

Rob has thoughts on the new Trek CBS ALL ACCESS show, the Axanar lawsuit, the film Star Trek Beyond and a lot more.

We also talk about Suicide Squad, DC Films vs Marvel Films, some new film projects Rob is working on and putting together the special features for The Star Trek Next Generation Blu ray Box set.

Friday, August 05, 2016

Word Balloon Podcast Danny Fingeroth on Comics Editing Analysis and Re-Hashing The Clone Saga

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A great conversation with the former Marvel editor and writer who really puts perspective on his time at marvel during the late 70s through the late 90s. We talk about his time editing Marvel UK and learning at the foot of Larry Lieber.

You'll hear memories of writing Dazzler, working with Stan Lee and Will Eisner, and of course his 2 cents on editing Spider-Man's infamous Clone Saga.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

The History Of Variety TV With Author Mary Beth Lieidman

A great conversation with Television Producer Director Mary Beth Leidman who's just put out a book on the history of Variety Television as seen through the eyes of the Directors and Producers who made historic shows like Laugh-In, The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live, and American Idol. Leidman talks about her collaboration with co-author Steve Binder, himself a well known producer of such epic productions as The '68 Elvis Comeback Special, and Diana Ross's HBO Concert in Central Park. 

We discuss the making of the book, and historic impact these men and women had in creating the craft and language of variety television. What do they think of today's social media platforms, streaming services and non-broadcast competition that today's entertainment world offers? 

Monday, August 01, 2016

Word Balloon Podcast Star Trek Beyond Review and SDCC Comics Podcast Roundtable With John Mayo and Kay Kellam

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From San Diego preview nite this fun roundtable between myself John Mayo and Kay Kellam talking comics and podcasting.

Also my spoiler free review of Star Trek Beyond

Friday, July 29, 2016

Word Balloon Podcast Star Trek At 50 With Shatner Bryan Fuller & More

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This is not the Hall H presentation. This was an exclusive press invite only session at the Bayfront Hilton after Hall H.

A great Q & A featuring The Executive Producers of Star Trek Discovery Bryan Fuller Heather Kadin & Rod Roddenberry and former cast memebers William Shatner Brent Spiner Michael Dorn Scott Bakula & Jeri Ryan.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Word Balloon Podcast SDCC 2016 The Killing Joke Press Roundtables w Kevin Conroy Tara Strong Bruce TImm Brian Azzarello and Sam Liu

Some fun press roundtables featuring the cast and crew on the new DC Animated Film that besides adapting the controversial original Alan Moore story has created some controversy itself.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Word Balloon Podcast The Judd Winick Road Trip

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What was intended to be a fourth of july weekend release ends up posting today, so use it for this weekend or any trips coming up before the summer ends.

Judd and I just talk comics, tv film, any geek subject we could think of. And it was lots of fun.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Word Balloon Podcast RJ Ryan The Joyners Now In Beautiful 2-D Color

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Writer RJ (Josh) Ryan is back to represent The Joyners. Originally the mini series was drawn by Dave Marquez and designed in 3-d, but now BOOM! Studios is bringing the series back in a full color 2-d presentation. Ryan discusses Marquez process is recreating the art for a 2-D experience. We also talk about Dave's work with Brian Bendis, and Josh's word in television.

Word Balloon's 2016 SDCC Panel schedule

Here's where I'll be standing (or sitting still) for at least an hour. 

Thursday 3pm 

Neil Morgan Auditorium, San Diego Central Library

The Early History Of Comic Book Films 

John and Film buff and storyboard artist Trevor Goring (Watchmen, Thor: The Dark World), discuss the comic strip and comic book inspired films from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Featuring early silent films, parodies of the 1950s comic book juvenile delinquency debates, and more. Moderated by podcaster and pop culture historian John Siuntres (Word Balloon Podcast).

Saturday July 23, 2016 10:30am - 11:30am 
Room 24ABC

Investing in Original Art
John Siuntres moderates a panel about all-things original art. Whether you're buying to sell, invest. or just collect,you'll get tips, tricks, and strategies for your burgeoning art collection. Get details on preliminary sketches and pencils, thumbnails, and more.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Word Balloon Podcast Fred Van Lente's Weird Detective

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Great to catch up with Fred and talk about his new Dark Horse Series Weird Detective.
A great combination of police procedural with a sci-fi monster twist. Ed McBain Meets HP Lovecraft.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Word Balloon Podcast Dan Jurgens On Superman's DC Rebirth

Great to welcome Dan Jurgens back to Word Balloon to talk about his current excellent run in Action Comics. Dan and Superman writer Pete Tomasi are killing it, as the REAL Superman from the pre flashpoint universe is back as a leader and symbol to the DCU.

Lots of Superman past present and future talk in this episode. 

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Word Balloon Podcast Dean Haspiel's Red Hook Takes Back Brooklyn

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Dean Haspiel is back to talk about his new Web Comic The Red Hook, and how this reluctant hero is the beginning of a new Haspiel Universe set in NEW BROOKLYN. Dean gives us the lowdown, and we talk about DC Marvel, and a host of current pop culture subjects.

The Red Hook Web Comic is free along with other free strips at or on their free app.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Tom King Talks DC Rebirth Batman, The Vision, and The Sheriff Of Babylon

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With DC's Rebirth underway we welcome Tom King back to talk about his debut run on Batman, and the new heroes he's introduced GOTHAM and GOTHAM GIRL. What do they represent and how will the Dark Knight contend with these new rivals as the city protectors?

Plus we continue to discuss his excellent runs on Vertigo's The Sheriff Of Babylon  and Marvel's Vision

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Word Balloon Podcast The Creator of Suicide Squad John Ostrander & His New Sci-Fi Kickstarter Hexer Dusk

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Writer John Ostrander is back, because he and frequent Star Wars collaborator Jan Duursema are in the closing hours of their kickstarter campaign for Hexer Dusk, a new sci-fi epic that starts with a 72 page graphic novel. John gives us the low down on the concept.

We also take a long look at the history of The Suicide Squad John's 1986 creation spinning out of the DC Event LEGENDS. John wrote the event and talks about it's significance as the 1st DC line event a year after Crisis On Infinite Earths. With the film adaptation just 2 months away, John also talks about his new DC Rebirth One Shot also coming in August.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Word Balloon Podcast Brad Meltzer on The House Of Secrets Bill Schelly On The Comic Book and Pulp Creations Of Otto Binder

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Two great books that deserve your attention are featured in today's Word Balloon Conversations. If you want to buy them consider doing your Amazon Shopping thru the Word Balloon Portal, where I get a few pennies on the dollar of your amazon purchases.

First Up Brad Meltzer is back talking about THE HOUSE OF SECRETS his new thriller co-written with Tod Goldberg is another great action adventure with a new female hero who is trying to uncover the secrets behind history and her own life. Of course we talk to about DC Rebirth, and Brad's TV shows decoded and Lost History.

The Comic Book Historian Bill Schelly talks about his expanded biography OTTO BINDER THE LIFE AND WORK OF A COMIC BOOK AND SCIENCE FICTION VISIONARY . Binder wrote many Shazam Captain Marvel  stories in the 40's for Fawcett including the creation of Mary Marvel and the Marvel family. He also wrote the epic Monster Society Of Evil story and created Mr Tawny the Talking Tiger, Mister Mind and many other classic Marvel stories. Then Otto went to work for DC in the 50's creating Supergirl, The Bottled City Of Kandor, The Legion Of Super Heroes and many other significant parts of the Superman Mythos.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Word Balloon Podcast Superman Vs Ali & Watchmen invades DC Rebirth W Neal Adams Dave Gibbons Ed Brubaker & Brian Azzarello

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The past informs the present. Today's episode features clips from past interviews that inadvertently provide insight on some recent events.

The Death Of Sports Icon Muhammad Ali  hits me personally. As a sports reporter I covered Boxing for 16 years in print and radio, and had the opportunity to meet and interview Ali in 1991. I tell the story of our encounter that was full of the Ali magic and charm, even as his Parkinson Syndrome was slowly robbing him of the ability to speak. His ailment did NOT keep him from thinking and he proved that to me directly with his thoughts on previewing The Evander Holyfield George Foreman Championship fight.

Of Course comic fans all know a bit about the DC comics Superman Vs Muhammad Ali, which was an event unto itself. In 2005 Co-plotter and artist Neal Adams talked about his experience on the project and lots of thoughts on the man and his legacy.

Then a look at The conclusion of DC Rebirth featuring the invasion of the Watchmen story and characters in the current DC universe . Was does it mean? Should it happen, given the creators Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons have no involvement and in Moore case objects to every continuation of the original story?

These same issue came up in 2012 when DC launched Before Watchmen, featuring prequel stories of the heroes and villains drawn and written by different creators. To illustrate the debate we look back at 2012 comments from Dave Gibbons, Ed Brubaker and Brain Azzarello,

Friday, May 27, 2016

Word Balloon Podcast Captain America-Hail Hydra ? Nick Spencer On The Day He Broke The Internet

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Wow! In one issue, Writer Nick Spencer has changed the status quo of Steve Rogers in a new exciting way that has polarized the comic book readership. Captain America is evil, and all of a sudden the Most Trusted Man In the Marvel Universe is now its most dangerous enemy.

Nick joins us to explain the new direction for Caop, and what it means for Civil War 2 and all the relationships in the Marvel Universe.

We also talk about the crazy backlash from fans and media that the story received, including blowing the DC Universe Rebirth coverage off the front pages.