Wednesday, April 29, 2015

CON-versations View From The Floor at C2E2 pt 1 with Gail Simone ME-TV's Svengoolie, NFL star Israel Idonije and more!

The first of 2 podcasts featuring interviews and panels from last weekend's C2E2.

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00:00-5:50     Intro and show notes

  5:51-11:23   Rich Koz, AKA Svengoolie Me-TV's Legendary Horror Movie Host 

11:24-26:05   Fantasy Author Alane Adams (The Red Sun) , on her novel series Legends Of                                 Orkney, and incorporating mobile games to introduce and engage new readers to the                            books!

26:06-34:09   Dan Parent Archie Comics The creator of Kevin Keller, the newest member of the                              Riverdale High kids.

34:10-41;53   Israel Idonije Fmr Chicago Bear talks about his comic creation The Protectors from                        Athleta Comics making its motion comics debut on Madefire

41;54-50:31   Mike Choi Marvel Comics Artist (X-Men)  talks about returining to comics doing                             Iron Man Covers, doing creator owned vs corporate comics  and leaving the video game                       world

50:32-59:04   Onrie Kompin Comic writer talks about is creator owned comic series Yi Soon Shin                          the true life adventures of a Midieval Naval Korean Hero

59:05-104:45 Tony Bedard DC Comics Writer talks about his work on the DC Convergence books                        Aquaman Green Lantern, and more

104:45-end    Gail Simone talks Red Sonja Nightwing and Oracle and the evolution of Women                             Creators in Comics

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Origin Of Jim Zub

Fun first chat with Jim as we talk about the wrap ups to Image's Skullkickers, IDW's Samurai Jack, and Dynamite's Conan/Red Sonja crossover , plus we talk about his new Images series Wayward. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Marc Bernardin from and author Rob Salkowitz on The Hugo Award Nominations

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Playboy's Marc Bernardin talks about his Top Cow series Genius, who's first arc is collected in a trade comming up in June. We talk about's current status as a men's lifestyle site reclaiming the tradition Hef set up with the first issues. Marc has given the site a strong nerd culture voice, including making the Wil Wheaton-Patton Oswaltt coversation the January 2015 playboy interview. We also talk about Marc's podcasting with the Nerdist Writer's Panel and Kevin Smith's Fatman On Batman

The Hugo Award Nominations are discussed with auth Rob Salkowtiz. Rob has been a geek industry anaylist since the release of his book omic Con and The business Of Pop Culture. We talk about not only the infighting of geek factions within the Hugo nominating process, but more importantly how pollitical sites are using the "controversy" as red meat to get their ideological bases rilled up. Both left and right wing sites are stirring things up, and from our point of view its bad for all of geekdom.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Friday, March 27, 2015

Janelle Asselin On Romance Comics and The Gender In Comics Debate

Download The MP3 Here

Janelle Asselin (a former editor with DC Comics currently a senior editor at the Geek News site Comics Alliance) is back to talk about her kickstarter campaign for Fresh Romance, a new digital Anthology of romance comic stoires.

Asselin is an outspoken advocate for the employemnt of more women comic creators to the extent of starting a regular feature at CA called "Hire this woman" spotlighting emerging new creators. 

We discuss some of the recent issues that have popped up concerning the female readership and creators of comics.