Friday, July 31, 2015

Star Trek Axanar & The Death Of The DVD Special Feature w Robert Meyer Burnett

Rob Burnett is a film director responsible for the hilarious 1999 Star Trek Valentine Free Enterprise . Currently he's the director of Star Trek:Axanar the ground breaking independent Star Trek Film set 20 years before James T Kirk was Captain of the Enterprise. With a cast and crew of working hollywood professionals, who also love Star Trek They are in the midst of an indie go go fund rasing campaign to make this epic 2hr story. 

As a proof of concept, they made this 21 minute pseudo-documentary, Prelude To Axanar  which chronicles the characters and battles leading up to the film . 

Featuring Star Trek Stars Tony Todd, JG Hertzler and Gary Graham Battlestar Galactica stars Richard Hatch and Kate Vernon, and introducing Alec Peters as Garth Of Izar. The visual effects, score, writing, and acting will blow you away .

Trek fans know Capt. Garth was an academy hero of Kirk's and an eventual original series enemy. Axanar tells the story of Garth and the Federation's historic battle against the Klingons.

Rob also has created many documentaries and special features for films like X-Men, Lord Of The Rings, Aliens, Tron, and The Star Trek TV Shows TNG, Voyager, DS9, and Enterprise. As Rob explains,  we may be seeing an end to the era of great dvd and blu-ray special documentaries and features. 

We also talk comic books, James Bond and ponder the question of how many of the younger geek fans have the interest and patience to sit through vintage Sci-Fi films from the 1930's to the pre Star Wars 1970's? 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Marvel TV's Jeph Loeb On Daredevil,Shield, Agent Carter, Jessica Jones, & Luke Cage Greg Pak on Superman Hulk & More

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The head of Marvel Television comes back for a new in depth Loeb Report.  We get Jeph's observations on the Netflix shows Daredevil Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, plus a look back at ABC's Marvel Agents Of Shield, Agent Carter and what the future holds? Plus the 8 year wait is over as the Loeb-Tim Sale collaboration is on again with the long awaited tale of Captain America: White

Then Greg Pak is back to talk about the new Status Quo Of Superman in his work on Action Comics with Aaron Kruder, plus the low powered Clark Kent Meets the new Batman, Jim Gordon in Pak's  Batman-Superman with artist Ardian Syaf. We also get the  low down on Greg's new creator owned projects, a kickstarter campaign to fund a very funny kids book ABC Disgusting with Takeshi Miyazawa , an exciting new western with a supernatural twist called Kingsway West from Dark Horse Comics, and there's going to be a new green goliath for Marvel comics courtesy of Greg and Frank Cho, who can this new Totally Awesome Hulk be?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ales Kot Talks Wolf & Material Arlen Schumer and The Secret Silver Age History Of Ira Schnap

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First Up Ales Kot returns to talk about his creator owned projects Wolf, reuniting with Zero collaborator Matt Taylor. We also discuss Material both from Image Comics. Kot also talks about Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier, and why he's wrapping up his big 2 work to concentrate on creatot owned books.

Then Comics Historian Arlen Schumer profiles the unheralded work of Ira Schnapp DC letterer and the man responsible for the classic logos of The Flash Justice League Green Lantern and scores of other silver age comic series. Schnap's art is on display at The Type Directors Club of NY Schnapp event page:

We also talk about his book The Silver Age of Comic Book Art.
To order a signed & sketched-in hardcover, as well as an e-book version

Arlen is on tour the next few weeks...

He'll be lecturing on Silver Age @ the Garden State Comic Fest (in Morristown, NJ) 7/25: ​

and He's doing 3 lectures the 3 days of the Connecticut Comicon (8/14-16: Silver Age, Schnapp, & the Spirit’s 75th Anniversary:

Thursday, July 16, 2015

San Diego Comic Con Panels With Greg Pak Calvin Reid Heidi MacDonald and Rob Salkowitz

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This year at Comic Con, I had the pleasure of moderating these 2 informative panels about the comic book and geek marketplaces, the changiong demographics and ways content creators manufacturuers and cartoonists are changing the ways they do business.

(7:41) First the 10th Annual Comic Book Podcaster Panel featured writer Greg Pak, who talked about how podcasts have evolved in helping him promote his works, along with podcasters John and Kay Mayo of Comic Book Page, and Publshers Weekly analyst/podcast host Calvin Reid.

(1:34:39) We wrap up with The Future Of Fandom Panel created by Author Rob Salkowitz (Comic Con and The Business Of Pop Culture) and featuring Heidi Mac Donald (Publisher of The Beat) and Brett Schenker of Graphic Policy, who's been breaking down facebook analytics to determine the demographics and buying habits of men and women who consider themselves geek fans.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Kieron Dwyer Returns To Comics Via West Portal

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We talk about Kieron's Kickstarter Campaign for West Portal. a crazy sci-fi take when a real world guy slips into alternate realities that look like pop culture tropes. From Space Opera to Kitty Manga to Jack T Chick end of the world propaganda comics, Dwyer sttrecthes his art styles in inventives ways. 
We also talk about his runs on Captain America, and Action Comics, plus past creator owned work with Rick Remender and Matt Fraction